Teaching Methodology

Students Evaluation & Appraisal to Support and Develop Teaching Effectives.

As this is intended to be a collaborative process with the after a process involving discussion observation and mutual understanding of the teacher's work the final evaluation report based on following key areas.

Learning Environment
  1. Develop and Maintain a Caring Stimulating environment.
  2. Implement appropriate work for the class.
  3. Addresses the individual needs of each child.
  4. Uses a variety of teaching methods to actively engage the child in the learning process.
  5. Uses questionnaire effectively.
  Classroom Management
  1. Encourage adherence to  Behavioral expectation.
  2. Create and maintains an effective learning atmosphere.
  3. Structures instructional time effectively.
  4. Responds appropriately to disciplinary matters.
  5. Priories remediation and support as appropriate
  6. Transition between activations is smooth.

  1. Maximizes student learning and teaching time through appropriate classroom behavior Management techniques.
  2. Actively integrates with specialist support staff. c. Provides professionally prepared written refers to as required.
 Professional Qualities
  1. Planning & preparation – prepares appropriate work for different ability & interest level of student/s
  2. Ability to self appraisal and a desire to willingness for professional growth.
  3. Shows interest in current educational thinking (in-service, reading etc)
  4. Completes self reflection on part of personal goal setting.
  • Treat children with care and respect.
  • Establishes good support with children.
  • Encourage high standards consistent with individuals abilities.
  • Generally acts a good models for children.
  • Caters for the different needs of each student / group.
  • Consistently monitors student’s tasks to ensure neat and high standard.
  • Maximize students learning & teaching time through appropriate classroom Mgmt techniques.
Open Door Policy:        
We have specialist teachers who help with the co-ordination and preparation of special college events and activities.

Learning Resource Teacher

Develop and maintain a caring, stimulating environment within the classroom.
Provide support for groups drawn from full range of mixed abilities classes\ grade from XI to B.B.S. Level\s.
Provide support and teach in the classroom along side the subject teacher or in his her own room as appropriate.
Provide regular written program report to parents, the Principal and student profile with Admission Staff.