EMC is a private, non-profit  educational institution located in the capital city in the region of Galkopakha, 
Thamel. The college was founded in 1997 by Mr. Bishnu Prasad Acharya 
& his better half  Mrs. Indira Acharya. It is one of the best College to offer a complete education at affordable cost for the entire region. The National Curriculum (HSEB) was begun in 1997 and in April 2003, the college was authorized to begin offering BBS program and at present the college has Two batches of BBS along all faculties of +2   has a long history of delivering high quality education by providing qualification that develop successful students and encourage positive educational experiences.  innovative style of teaching & learning brings out the best in students and develops successful learners through a skilled based approach to teaching & assessing.

Establishment of EMC arose from a desire to render / impart the best possible system of education and assessment for our students. For us ' best' means stable, educationally proven, nationally and internationally credible and efficiently managed.
The willing positive and very professional involvement of parents / guardians and teachers at EMC have been fundamental in the early successes that our College is still enjoying. The Academic rigour and the long tradition and excellence since 1997, are synonymous  with EMC. The moral support of the parents / guardians and the technical expertise offered by Academic and Non-Academic personnel of the college to have a quality control mechanism that reassures both current parents and attracts those who may be new to higher quality education at EMC.