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It is very common that every student have right to select the College of their own interest. Besides, it should be as per their expectation for quality education as well as affordibility. Unless a student can select right institution for his/her studies, the whole effort then after will be futile. Gurdian must obsever the choice of their childrens from various view points mainly, nearness, cost, past result, accompany of the child, physical facilities available inside the college etc. They should not leave their kids to decide about the college of their own.

Everest, being located in the central part of the capital city and having a strong academician as promotors could be right choice of the students and parents for those who wants to complete their education within calendar as well as in higher result. Discipline is the synonyms of the Everest Culture and it is most essential factor for the success too as we believe. So, the dedicated, committed and sincere students are the choice of Everest. With thses features, Everest is also being primary choice of the students in its proximity.

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Welcome to Everest College

EMC is a private, non-profit  educational institution located in the capital city in the region of Galkopakha, Thamel. The college was founded in 1997 by Mr. Bishnu Prasad Acharya & his better half  Mrs. Indira Acharya. It is one of the best College to offer a complete education at affordable cost for the entire region. The National Curriculum (HSEB) was begun in 1997 and in April 2003, the college was authorized to begin offering BBS program and at present the college has Two batches of BBS along all faculties of +2   has a long history of delivering high quality education by providing qualification that develop successful students and encourage positive educational experiences.  innovative style of teaching & learning brings out the best in students and develops successful learners through a skilled based approach to teaching & assessing.
EMC was founded by Mr. Bishnu Prasad Acharya and his better half Mrs. Indira Acharya in 1997 in consultation with national and international educators at Galkopakha, Thamel. (using best practice in education from UK and abroad.) Establishment of EMC arose from a desire to render / impart the best possible system of education and assessment for our students. For us ' best' means stable, educationally proven, nationally and internationally credible and efficiently managed.
    The willing positive and very professional involvement of parents / guardians and teachers at EMC have been fundamental in the early successes that our College is still enjoying. The Academic rigour and the long tradition and excellence since 1997, are synonymous  with EMC. The moral support of the parents / guardians and the technical expertise offered by Academic and Non-Academic personnel of the college to have a quality control mechanism that reassures both current parents and attracts those who may be new to higher quality education at EMC.

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Principal’s Message

It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude. I am delighted that you have chosen to study at EMC, Which renders adequate guidance and assistance in understanding the creativity, scientific and managerial skills of Secondary and Higher Secondary gradates. EMC is a forward looking modern College with international reputation for the excellence of its innovative teaching methodologies and research based doctrine at HSEB Plus Two( + 2)and BBS programs.
We are almost to commence the next phase in the life of  EMC and your part in this is significant in fact crucial. A successful year for us all requires that each of us play our part in a positive working relationship with all members of our community and society.
The key issue for me and one that I will hold everyone accountable to is that we all have a responsibility for everything that has to do with our students and to each other as both individuals and as a group. Our collective input is integral to my belief that this is our College and that only by working together can we truly achieve our potentials. At all times it is hoped that we shall use the concept T.E.A.M., Together, Everyone Achieves More, in the best interests of our whole College community .
With own college building  and new operating and management  structure across and through the College, which I believe will be able to better support all my colleague, in your efforts for and with the students, each other and the college. My role and that of academic / ancillary personnel is to facilitate your teaching day, to assist you and your ward have and excellent Academic Year. The role of all my eminent scholars is to lead your wards forward as students , as learners and as respectful members of the college community and society. I very much forward to working with each and all of you and I take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best of the year ahead with my colleagues, children and their parents,

Bishnu Prasad Acharya
Founder Principal

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